Pendent Agemina

SKU 103177


Gold, Hallmark 585, Weight 6.09 gr
Silver, Hallmark 925, Weight 1.98 gr


Ruby, Quantity 4, Color red, Cut Oval, Weight 2.07
Emerald, Quantity 10, Color green, Cut Round ., Weight 1.5
Diamond , Quantity 88, Color Brandy, Cut Round/rose, Weight 0.45
Ruby, Quantity 1, Color red, Cut Round ., Weight 0.39
103257.00 UAH
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Product description

In ancient times, jewelry has been a source of pride not just the owner, but also be inherited. Every girl wanted to gather his collection. Times are changing, but women love jewelry remains unchanged.

Fortunately, we now have more opportunities to find something really original. So graceful and incredibly spectacular decoration in vintage style, on a modern woman look incredibly beautiful, they have the grandeur and wealth of antiques, a special charm, which can not be found today.

They are cozy and warm, as the favorite of my grandmother's jewelry box.

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