Bracelet Agemina

SKU 100678


Gold, Hallmark 585, Weight 17.59 gr


Diamond , Quantity 48, Color colorless, Cut Round-57, Weight 0.58
Enamel, Quantity 0, Color green, Cut , Weight 0
Pearl, Quantity 48, Color White, Cut round, Weight 7.8
185790.00 UAH
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Product description

Born in pearl oysters are perfect, which giveth us the nature of precious stones, has a smooth shiny, radiant heat, the surface shimmers in the sun all the colors of the rainbow, unlike on any other jewelry in the world.

Genuine heat from pearls, silently lying in the arms of an equally warm and affable gold not as thin thread linking it with "water lilies" Monet in the museum Orangerie? Wonderful handmade bracelet in one piece - truly a work of art.

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