Necklace Olga Veisberg

SKU 103295


Gold, Hallmark 750, Weight 12.82 gr


Amethyst, Quantity 0, Color violet, Cut bead, Weight 259
Pearl, Quantity 0, Color White, Cut baroque, Weight 277.45
94281.00 UAH
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Product description

To correct the image of the classic need not so much, but sometimes find such simple, clear and at the same time interesting jewelry - a real problem.

Bright beads of natural amethyst and pearls Olga Veisberg - enough to give the image of individuality.

Soft luster of pearls strengthens the skin's natural radiance and mysterious amethyst accentuate eye color.

The main principle in this necklace to emphasize the natural and the true beauty of a woman.

Necklace Olga Veisberg

94281.00 UAH.
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