«Abricos» jewelry salon loyalty program

Designed specifically to please our dear customers, loyalty program of «Abricos» jewelry salon provides undeniable advantages to its members. This is not just a privilege, we provide only the best service and personal approach for our patrons.

«Abricos» wedding rings

Sacrament of the wedding — one of the most amazing and exciting events of human life. Two souls unite to live together and to create a single whole. Wedding rings serves as final adornment, symbol of infinity Union, emphasize the solemnity and intimacy of the moment.

Встречайте: Патриотическая Коллекция скоро в «Абрикосе»!

30% от стоимости каждого изделия будет перечислено на реабилитацию и лечение участников боевых действий, пострадавших во время АТО на Востоке Украины. Мы гордимся своими героями и вместе можем им помочь!

“Abricos” Jewelry Salon Featured in Quintessentially Services Program

Within the partnership program of “Abricos” jewelry salon and world elite concierge services Quintessentially, the members of the club are enjoying constant discounts on “Abricos” jewelry. In addition, designer’s jewelry salon offers an elite package of services to Quintessentially clients, including:
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