New Format of Gifts

“Abricos” jewelry salons offer a unique kind of service –electronic key gift. This extraordinary device not only combines the advantages of a gift certificate and qualities of a golden piece, but also performs a number of additional well-liked functions. This new gift format allows you to afford an opportunity of choosing a piece of jewelry so delicately expressed in an elegant item, which itself looks as a gift, moreover quite an intriguing one.

We are talking about a flash-card with a golden or gilded body – depending on the amount of coverage it can have three modifications. By giving such a jeweled electronic devise in an elegant casing, you can be sure that it is going to be a real surprise, an appropriate and extraordinary gift. It is with this gift, that a beautiful lady or a respectable gentleman will be able to choose “their” piece of jewelry in “Abricos” salons at their convenience.

Information stored on the device is subject to a high level of protection – an outsider or a trespasser will not be able to find out by whom and to whom, when and for which sum of money the present was given or by far change the data. Only employees of “Abricos” have access to the data stored on the flash-card. For those who have received such a sophisticated, but at the same time simple and luxurious present, all the necessary information about the giver and opportunities for the receiver is put on a cover letter. If the device was in any way cracked, false data will not correspond with the database of “Abricos” jewelry salon and the fraud will not be made use of. Adequate measures are envisaged not only in case of a crack, but also for other extraordinary circumstances – loss or theft.

There is also a possibility of purchasing not a personalized flash-card, but in bearer form, since one does not always know the full or real name of the person inspiring to make such a gift. Flash-card in bearer form is also exceptionally appropriate if you want to say thank you to a person you do not know very well. “Unnamed” jewelry flash-cards might be worth buying in advance, as you never know when you get a generous impulse of bestowing this gift upon someone. The process of giving is in fact an amazing thing!