«Abricos» wedding rings

Sacrament of the wedding — one of the most amazing and exciting events of human life. Two souls unite to live together and to create a single whole. Wedding rings serves as final adornment, symbol of infinity Union, emphasize the solemnity and intimacy of the moment.

«Abricos» jewelry salon provides truly unique opportunity to get custom rings, in accordance to any requests of the client. You and only you decide the form and aspects of the ring, its materials and what will be applied for engraving. Exclusivity in every detail — that's the simple definition of our wedding rings.

Steel, silver, gold, palladium, platinum, and the colours of these materials can be combined to achieve the most elegant appearance.

Engraving, which is included in the price of the jewel, allows to put the most intimate things in. It can be applied on the outside and inside of the ring.

  • Mechanical engraving allows you to put on a variety of prefabricated designs, symbols and letters.
  • Laser engraving is applied according to the layout drawing — that can be a handwritten message or even a fingerprint of the significant other.

And that isn't all — wedding ring can be decorated with gems, including the inner side of it, if you want to keep it as a reminder of the value of the soul union.

Order completion deadline — up to six weeks.