“Abricos” jewelry salons are unique galleries of designer’s jewelry created by Italian, German, Greek, American and other jewelers. “Abricos” salons in Kiev, Donetsk and Odessa represent jewelry pieces crafted using ingenious modern technology as well as ancient techniques handed over across generations. Selected jewelry pieces by private manufacturers and designer studios, including Orosi, Cavalieri, De Maria, Eros, Agemina, Maya Jewels, Gabriella Rivalta, Anna Gioielli and many others are delivered here several times per season. These are unique pieces of jewelry that at all times reveal the individuality of their owners.

Exclusiveness is the main philosophy of “Abricos” jewelry salon. Each piece of jewelry represented here is unique and each emotion of possessing it – one of a kind. There are no ordinary showcases inside of salons, jewelry pieces you can purchase here are truly soulful, and the process of selecting them is a very cameral and private one. Professional attendants, experts in history of jewelry art, will assist guests in selecting a piece of jewelry that would suit their character and personality and would enhance their individual style. “Abricos” also guarantees safety of your purchase.

Olga Gutsal – the owner and founder of “Abricos”, business-lady and renowned jewelry fashion expert – personally selects jewelry pieces at exhibits in Vicenza, Milan and Basel. Having an amazing taste and sense of jewelry fashion, she is striving to bring a bit of Italian charm and daring into the style of Ukrainian public. She is also trying to teach women wear suitable jewelry pieces, the ones expressing their mood and individuality. She believes that jewelry has to convey what you are trying to tell everyone around. What are you like today – tender, romantic or a real business lady, aggressive or reserved? “Abricos” has jewelry pieces capable of telling many things that pertain solely to you. However the most pleasant thing by all means is to realize that this piece of jewelry is one of a kind and you are the only person possessing it. This is exactly what emphasizes your own unique character.  

“Abricos” managers - Olga Gutsal and her son Dmitrii – have established their approach to doing jewelry business on eternal family values, that is why each guest feels himself at home in “Abricos” salons. Deep respect inside of the family has developed into a reverent approach towards jewelry business and each individual client.